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Below are the latest articles about PCa Blue and our fight to raise awareness and educate about prostate cancer.

Press Coverage

  • BG Blues & Music News

    Buddy Guy, “A Year In Pictures” takes place at The Elephant Room Gallery, 704 South Wabash Ave., Chicago (next door to Buddy Guy’s Legend) July 28th through the 30th. The gallery featuring over 40 portraits will auction and sell photos to benefit PCa Blue, a national organization saving lives from prostate cancer. Buddy is the National Spokesman for the organization which works with the blues community to provide education and awareness about prostate cancer.

  • Chicago Sun-Times

    When Buddy Guy returns to his eponymous Chicago blues club for his annual January residency (kicking off Jan. 4), the iconic music maker will be a man on a mission.

  • Chicago Now

    There is nothing like standing in the presence of greatness. Now, I'm no great blues aficionado. I honestly wish I knew more about blues than I do, but even if the simple name doesn't precede him, it only takes about 5 seconds on guitar for you to recognize the greatness of Buddy Guy! The man shines like gold.

  • WGN Radio

    Dave Hoekstra sits down for an in-depth chat with the great Buddy Guy, who starts his annual residency at Buddy Guy’s Legends on Thursday 1/4.

  • Blues Blast Magazine

    “Buddy Guy just hit the spot for me.” Jeff Beck leaned back in the overstuffed couch in a studio loft in London’s Soho District. He was there to shoot a guitar magazine cover shot with his mentor Buddy Guy. I asked him to put Buddy’s mojo into words. Where did the blues master get his secret sauce? The year was 1991.