PCa Blue attends PHEN Summit in Washington DC…

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PCa Blue CEO John Lupton participated in the recent PHEN Summit in Washington, D.C., where the topic was the dramatic disparity between the African-American and Caucasian experiences with prostate cancer. The problem has long been known to exist but the new numbers and understanding have reached new heights of concern. In all aspects, African-Americans are under served from early detection to the numerous treatments available and the important knowledge needed to make informed decisions about a diagnosis.


Presenting at the Summit was the Chair of the U.S. Preventive Medicine Task Force, Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, who came under a fair amount of criticism for the Task Force’s past recommendations that clearly set back the African-American understanding of this serious problem. Dr. Bibbins-Domingo did say that the Task Force was in the process of reviewing all its past positions and will come out with a new set in 2017.

At the reception following the first day’s session, Lupton presented to the group the plans for the Blues 4 Prostate Cancer Education Tour that will be kicking off in 2017. The Blues Tour will be focused on the large African-American audience that was the centerpiece of the PHEN Summit presentations and discussions. PHEN will be a beneficiary of the Blues Tour.

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