Watch Buddy Guy and his daughter Carlise Guy discuss how prostate cancer impacted their family on Dr. Phil.

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Buddy and Carlise were featured on the Dr. Phil show discussing the first-hand impact of prostate cancer on their family 10 years after the death of Buddy's brother Phil Guy from prostate cancer.


"Don't wait until you can't get to the doctor..." Watch this special clip with Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall and Buddy.

PCa Blue is honored to work closely with our national spokesman, Grammy Award-winning, blues hall of fame inductee Buddy Guy in the fight to save lives from prostate cancer.

Buddy is committed to PCa Blue and ending prostate cancer because he lost his brother, Phil Guy, to the disease in 2008. Buddy lends his name and talents to helping increase awareness. In fact, he regularly is heard saying “Don’t wait too late, get that prostate checked”

Sadly Phil Guy did not learn about the disease until it had spread extensively to other parts of his body. Phil did not share the devastating information with his family either and they continue to live with his loss every day.

African American men are at increased risk for prostate cancer and so are men that have a family history of the disease so it's incredibly important to know your personal risk and work with your doctor to make a plan for testing. There is a great deal of stigma associated with this disease, particularly in the African American community and we are all dedicated to getting people talking about prostate cancer.

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